Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What Joke

I found a link to this online stress test. At first it looked a little depressing how many of the stressors I could check, but then it turned hilarious. Check out these items being a factor in the life of a new mom:

- Change to a new type of work
- Change in my work hours or conditions
- Took a course to help my work (does a prenatal class count?)
- Took on more work responsibilities
- Took on fewer work responsibilities (yes, both: I quit my full time job, but now I’m a full-time mom)
- Major change in living conditions (he’s another body, right?)
- Change in family get-togethers
- Major change in health or behavior of a family member (he’s alive, right?)
- Change is social activities (we have to find a sitter now)
- Change in personal habits
- Vacation (we have done this!)
- Major decision about immediate future (like every day!)
- Major loss of income
- Major and moderate purchases (I think he and all his gear entail both)
- Been to the hospital
- Major change in eating habits
- Major change in sleeping habits
- Major change in recreation

Apparently I have “high stress.” Wow, that was helpful—not. Good thing we’re doing good with the exercise or I might just need to “seek therapy.”

Oh, but, Baby, I'm still so glad you're in my life!